Grateful plug for Dr Simon Marchwiak

For those interested, it started yesterday (Sept 02) at about 3AM. I woke up with this horrible pain in the right side of my mouth. It went from my jaw, inside my gums to down my throat. My lymph nodes were swollen. I thought I slept wrong, but it turns out, I was blessed with a ruptured wisdom tooth. The gum had swollen so bad, I couldn’t close my mouth, forget about eating. That was a lot of fun. I had drugged myself with Aleve, which didn’t work, but found some solace in Excedrin (that didn’t bring down the swelling, though.)

I discovered it was a ruptured wisdom tooth (oh yeah, that was great fun realizing that). I read online that it’d take about an hour to fix, and you need dental surgeons and all that. You couldn’t eat for 8 hours before the surgery, then you went under local anesthesia… I thought to myself, Fine, just stop the goddamn pain. Even if it cost between $300-600.

Being Labor day weekend, I thought I was going to be $&!*ed royally. You know, everyone’s gone for the holiday. My mum called around while I was passed out/asleep from the pain and found Dr Marchwiak, in Chicago. He took me in for a 1.15PM appointment. Thank you. Thank you thank you thank you. He is definitely one of the best dentists I’ve went to. Affordable, kind and compassionate. The man gave me 4 shots of Novocaine. Yes, 4. I thought it could bring down an elephant, horse, or both. Being that I had eaten a little maybe around 11AM (two scrambled eggs and a piece of bread), and around 8AM some oatmeal (I couldn’t chew, it hurt like a mofo), I had an unexpected reaction to the Novocaine (didn’t ever have one before, so I was scared, I admit. I had 2 for my root canal, and I was fine.) It made it hard to swallow and almost breathe which really freaked me out, almost fainted and I was shaking. I thought my throat was locking up, but thankfully, only 9/10 was numb. The 1/10 was just a tad numb but enough that I could still swallow. Took me %*!$ing 20 minutes to get over it. The nurses brought over water and then some Pepsi from the store so I could drink and get my sugar levels up. They didn’t have to, but it really did help a lot. I hadn’t sipped from a straw for a while.

The spells were going in and out, about 3 times. I was still shaking, so they let my mum come in (which was so nice.) She was allowed to sit in on the procedure and held my hand. Yes, yes, I may be a strong hard-ass, but at 23, and worrying about fainting/dying because you suffocate to death from a normal procedure, I was freaked out. Not the way I wanted to die. (A heart attack during love making, that’s a different story.)

You know the funny part, though? It took them all of maybe – and I mean, maybe – 3 minutes to pull the tooth out. It was on the lower right side, and half of it was under the inflamed gum (which was friggin’ huge, by the way. About the size of dime in height and width.) I thought I was going to need stitches. He’s just like, “Ok, there it is, dig there, you’ll feel a little pressure, and… there we go.” That was it. I was like, “What? What do you mean, that’s it?” It took me longer from the reaction than it was removing it! Apparently, you ARE supposed to be on a full stomach for Novocaine, at least, with that much tranquilizer! You lied, internet doctor sites! Had I not had the reaction, I would’ve been done in 20 minutes all together (with X-rays!). Otherwise, with the reaction, took me about 35-40 minutes.

So, for those of you in the Chicago area, I highly, highly recommend Dr Marchwiak. I think he is one of the best dentists I’ve ever had the fortune of going to. Because of the extra Novocaine, cost me $180; otherwise, it costs $150 to remove it. Suck it, American dentists. I don’t think you can beat that. (Sorry, am not a proud person or affiliate myself, but you cannot beat European doctors sometimes. A lot of times.)

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