Enlil, Sumerian God of Breath, Air

Enlil, the Lord of Loft, Breath, and Air. Sumerian God, sacred number: 50; also known as Ellil, El, Bel (Chronus in Greek?). Consort to Ninlil (aka Sud), first born son of An and Ki. In Sumerian stories, it was Enlil who separated the Earth and the Sky (at his birth). With his brother, Enki (Ea), he helped create/fashion humans; eventually, due to stupidity, unchecked sexuality, and cannibalizing, Enlil decided to destroy humans and rebuild them, with the help of the other gods. After Enki thwarted his plans, his fury subsided and helped humans anyway, giving them the hoe (the Sumerian’s most prized tool) and teaching them agriculture. He is the patron of Nippur, and without him, nothing else would exist. All gods would go to Enlil to seek his permission. He is not a tyrant or evil, as political agendas have portrayed him.

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