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Hybride Anekyu | Hybrid Theory, Hybride Existance

Hybride Anekyu


Woobits (Woocommerce Tidbits, #1)

// get a woocommerce order's actual username, by id function get_order_username($order_id) { $order = new WC_Order( $order_id ); $user_order_id = $order->__get( 'user_id'); $user = get_userdata( $user_order_id) ; if(isset($user)) { return $user->user_login; } else { return false; } }

Whiskey Stones: Get several packs

I personally love multi-functioning items – you know, items you can use for more than one purpose. Sporks, can be a spoon or fork. Spinife, can be a spoon or knife. Knorcks, can be knife or fork. For those who do or don’t drink, you…

Does IT care anymore?

Am dealing with a lot of engineers lately – software, programmers, developers, you know, IT people. And has anyone else noticed that most of them don’t really care about their job/work/program? Am not commenting on other fields, just IT field. You’re asking for a 80-90K…

Setting Featured Image via code (with date)

Take this post for example: Setting Featured Image on Posts I wanted to change that for ALL posts – as well as setting a date limit. Take a look at the code below. Set it in your functions.php. function SetRandomFeaturedImage($content) { global $post; // set…

New Year, New Updates

Am finally getting around to cleaning up this mess of a site, especially the photo albums which were… lacking photos! Getting to it, be patient. I hope everyone has a happy belated New Year, lots of manageable clients, and good stuff!

No-half-Pixel’s Pages Mod error fix – WHMCS

For those of you who use WHMCS and needed a pages mod, actually offered a very neat one for relatively cheap. Upon installation, however, I received a nice bug. I could create pages… but they never got saved in the database. As bad, any…